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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 6

Until recently orthodox medicine has assumed that all genetic transmission is through the genes in the cell nucleus. However, the nucleus is embedded in a mass of cytoplasm. In 1967 it was demonstrated that DNA in the cell is not confined to the chromosomes but that the mitochondria in the cytoplasm contain DNA. The Encyclopaedia Britannica reported:

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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 5


The drug picture of Marmorek was first described in French by Vannier in 1947 (Vannier 1947, pp. 317-325). The late Dr. O.A. Julian gave a drug picture of Marmorek in his book Treatise on Dynamised Micro Immunotherapy which appeared in English translation in 1980 (Julian 1988, pp. 314-319). My book Computer Homeopathy also contains an English description of the drug picture of Marmorek. (de Ruyter 1994, pp. 203-205)

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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 4

In sub-acute cases or in children or young people perhaps two or three courses of monthly treatment may be necessary after which the patient is clinically well.

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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 3

To obtain this, we set the total number of percentages covered by all nosodes, in the above case 106%, as 100% and then express all the other percentages as a percentage of this total.

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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 2

But then Vannier also selected one, or two, drainage remedies which are principally aimed at the patient’s functional symptoms and which are used in medium potency (30C) once or twice a day.

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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 1

According To Vannier

Homeopaths have known for over 150 years that in classical one-remedy homeopathy, a dose of a homeopathic remedy may sometimes cause an aggravation of the patient’s symptoms. From 1911 onwards the late Dr. Leon Vannier of Paris, France, developed a method which he called ‘drainage’ treatment, designed to avoid remedy aggravations (Vannier 1912). Dr. Vannier defined ‘drainage’ as follows:

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Back on My Feet Again

The View From Here

I am struggling right now through one of the most difficult periods of my adult life, and it’s all because of a simple misstep I made in a parking lot, four months ago.

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How Classical is Classical Homeopathy? Part 2

As with every field of knowledge and research, there are areas on the perimeter, which straddle the boundary between classical homeopathy and adjacent fields. Drainage therapy is one of them. Under this name we often refer to the particular kind of homeopathy prevalent in France but also found in other places, whose central figure at the beginning of this century was Leon Vannier.

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