Pain Management

You will be better able to deal with the pains of labor if you do the following:

* Establish a support system for yourself. Surround yourself with people who care about you and who will share a positive attitude toward the birth. Decide the roles you wish for your family and friends to play. Do not labor alone.
* Learn to think positively and overcome the fear of giving birth. Education and information will help to reduce the fear of the unknown and misconceptions. Asking questions and expressing concerns to knowledgeable people during labor will help to reassure you.
* Practice pain management skills before the birth. Breathing and relaxation techniques, along with the use of comfort measures, will reduce tension and anxiety. Mastering these skills will give you confidence during the labor and delivery.
* Adjust your environment to your needs during labor with lighting, music, pillows, fragrances, flavors, etc.
* Try to enter labor well-nourished and well-rested. Everything hurts more when you’re tired. Take care of your body’s physical and emotional needs in the weeks prior to the onset of the birth.
* Know your options with pain medications. Ask your doctor about what’s available to you and at what stages of the delivery. Know the risks and benefits of these medications and/or procedures. You can choose whether or not you wish to work with the pain or ask your doctor to give you relief in the form of medication.
* Remember that pain in labor has a very positive purpose. It is something you can expect, prepare for and manage. Contractions come and go, so more time in labor is spent pain-free than in pain. Giving birth is a normal, natural event in a woman’s life.

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