Captivate Facility Members

As you might expect, manufacturers in the business of selling entertainment systems strongly believe in the positive impact of entertainment on membership. “It’s one thing to solicit a potential member,” says Dale Kredell, CEO of Broadcast Vision,”but it’s the amenities you add to your facility that really encourage them to join and participate.”

The power of entertainment goes beyond enhanced workout performance. According to Craig Garza, vice president ofmarketing for Cardio Theater, “Entertainment is as crucial today as a treadmill in most facilities.”

Enhancing entertainment in your fitness center may seem daunting given the wide range of options available, but don’t let the choices deter you. Each manufacturer attempts to address everything from a gym’s basic needs to the most sophisticated setup.

What’s more, you no longer have to be a national chain with a huge budget to outfit your facility.

There’s considerable potential for even a small investment in entertainment to reap a return in steady and expanding membership.