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The Female Athlete Triad, Part 2

Anorexia is characterized by extreme weight loss due to a desire to be thin. The hallmark of anorexia is a distorted body image, whereby an individual feels fat despite being underweight.

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The Female Athlete Triad, Part 1

The female triad is one of the biggest medical concerns for all female athletes, no matter what their sport. Some of the consequences may not be completely reversible. As a result, early recognition, treatment and prevention are of paramount importance.

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Hiking Preparation and Precautions Post 3


Similar precautions given for spring hiking relate to fall hiking as well. Weather changes from warm to cold and brings sudden events such as heavy rain or even snow. Fog might occur, causing a loss of direction and orientation. In that case, a compass and detailed map are needed as well as constant awareness of your surroundings. Again, layered clothing is important for comfort and body temperature regulation. Water-resistant boots are always desirable, but even more in spring and fall.

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Hiking Preparation and Precautions Post 2


While spring weather is invited and enjoyed by many, the hiker needs to be aware of its sometimes hidden dangers. Layered clothing is even more important due to temperature changes during the day. Also, changes in weather are more frequent and extreme. The frozen ground melts and produces an abundance of moisture to surrounding elements such as rocks. Thus, each step needs attention, especially downhill. There is a greater chance for rain during this season, so carrying rain gear is especially necessary.

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Hiking Preparation and Precautions Post 1

Hiking in the summer, hiking in the winter or hiking in-between. Each has its moments … and dangers. Not only is weather a factor when hiking, so is the terrain. Different elements under your feet require distinct techniques when walking upon them. When weather causes them to change, the walking techniques change as well.

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