Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 3

To obtain this, we set the total number of percentages covered by all nosodes, in the above case 106%, as 100% and then express all the other percentages as a percentage of this total.

So the STR for the above example becomes:

Tuberculinum 40/106 x 100% = 38 % Psorinum 40/106 x 100% = 38 % Medorrhinum 13/106 x 100% = 12 % Syphilinum 13/106 x 100% = 12 % Total: 100 %

All figures have been rounded to whole numbers (see de Ruyter 1994, p. 84).

The STR can easily be calculated with a hand calculator. It makes it possible to express the Toxic Ratio in a standardized form which is comparable from analysis to analysis and from case to case.

When the nosode is used during regulating treatment, the nosode with the highest percentage in the STR is selected and employed following the fundamental remedy (or simillimum). This nosode should also cover the highest number of general symptoms in comparison with other nosodes. It is used in a single high potency dose about two weeks after the simillimum.

Let us look at an example of a Vannier-type homeopathic prescription for Drainage Treatment:

Suppose the simillimum for a case is Sepia, and Nux-v and Rhus-t turn out to be the appropriate drainage remedies for functional symptoms, with Graphites as the drainage remedy for lesional symptoms. The Vannier prescription for a month’s treatment would then be:

Nux-v 30C: one dose every even date, night Rhus-t 30C: one dose every odd date, night Graph 6C: one dose every even date, morning Sep 200C: one dose on the 5th night after starting the course, Tuberculinum 200C: one dose on the 19th night after starting the course.

The patient is supplied with 15 doses of each of the drainage remedies so that the whole course will take a month to complete. (de Ruyter 1994, p. 49) After completing the course the case is reassessed and the remedies are changed if and as necessary.

If the correct simillimum and nosode have been selected at the beginning of the course, the patient’s symptoms may have improved, but they should not have changed drastically. In that case no or only minor changes in the drainage remedies may be necessary before the next monthly course. During the second month the simillimum (fundamental remedy) and the proper nosode are given in the 1M potency, instead of the 200C potency. If the patient’s symptoms continue to improve the treatment is continued without major changes, using the 1M potencies of the simillimum and nosode for possibly several months.

As the patient’s symptoms begin to show a significant change the case will have to be reassessed to select a possible new simillimum and/or nosode and possible different drainage remedies. As treatment continues it will be seen that the Toxic ratio gradually changes. A nosode that may have initially had the highest relative percentage may now have a lower percentage and another nosode may show a maximum percentage in the Toxic ratio. That nosode is then the new indicated nosode. From month to month one works through the patient’s nosodes in the Toxic Ratio. (de Ruyter 1994, pp. 149-152)

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