Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 5


The drug picture of Marmorek was first described in French by Vannier in 1947 (Vannier 1947, pp. 317-325). The late Dr. O.A. Julian gave a drug picture of Marmorek in his book Treatise on Dynamised Micro Immunotherapy which appeared in English translation in 1980 (Julian 1988, pp. 314-319). My book Computer Homeopathy also contains an English description of the drug picture of Marmorek. (de Ruyter 1994, pp. 203-205)

The tuberculin Marmorek was described by Vannier in 1912. Its full name is ‘serum of Marmorek’. It was described by Marmorek in 1903 in the Academie de Medicine of Paris. This serum was obtained from horses vaccinated by the filtrates of young cultures of tubercular bacilli called “primitive” (Julian 1988).

Marmorek in 30C or 200C potency can be used, in combination with drainage treatment, in febrile conditions of patients in a paratuberculous state when the use of tuberculinum is completely contraindicated according to Vannier.

The nosode Marmorek is obtainable from homeopathic manufacturers such as the Laboratoires Homeopathiques de France in Paris, France and from Brauer Biotherapies Pty. Ltd. in Tanunda S.A., Australia.

Prenatal Homeopathy

Instead of waiting until a child is born and starts to display symptoms of a constitutional nosodal condition, Vannier treated the mother during her pregnancy with homeopathic remedies, using month after month the nosodes indicated by the medical history of the mother and the father in a manner as outlined above. In a paper published in 1955 Dr. Vannier reported that he had used ante-natal homeopathy for 30 years. (Vannier 1955, p.2)

Vannier maintained that the hereditary transmission of noxious nosodal elements can be arrested by homeopathic treatment to the benefit of the individual and his or her descendants. (Vannier npd, p. 205)

Of course, to an orthodox physician the assertion that nosodal conditions like the miasms of tuberculosis, syphilis, and sycosis can be transmitted to the next generation is a medical heresy directly contradicting the genetic rule: “acquired characteristics are not transmitted genetically.”

On the other hand, it has been known for a long time that tuberculosis tends to ‘run in families’. Lay people have suspected for many years that cancer too tends to “run in families” (Harsanyi & Hutton 1982, p.85). This was traditionally explained away as “coincidence” and “old wives tales” by orthodox medicine. However, doctors recognize today that a woman with a history of breast cancer in the direct ascending female line has several hundred percent more probability of getting breast cancer herself than a woman without such a history. A similar observation seems to apply to colon cancer.

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