Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 6

Until recently orthodox medicine has assumed that all genetic transmission is through the genes in the cell nucleus. However, the nucleus is embedded in a mass of cytoplasm. In 1967 it was demonstrated that DNA in the cell is not confined to the chromosomes but that the mitochondria in the cytoplasm contain DNA. The Encyclopaedia Britannica reported:

“This finding substantiates the view, previously considered rather heretical, that nonchromosomal inheritance (cytoplasmic inheritance) is a genuine phenomenon which can be understood in molecular terms”.


“The belief that the activity of DNA cannot be modified except by mutational events must be revised”.


“These observations carry implications of the greatest importance, since they assert that the classical dichotomy between the gene and the environment is illusory. Alteration of the cellular environment by administration of external agents (e.g. hormones) can directly influence the genetic material”. (Encyclopaedia Britannica 1967)

The above information was confirmed in the Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1993:

“It is now known that small amounts of additional genetic information are present in the DNA of much smaller chromosomes located in two types of organelles in the cytoplasm.”

These scientific discoveries of almost three decades ago confirm in principle the possibility of hereditary transmission of cytoplasmic changes caused by the environment, whether by disease, chronic malnutrition or pollution of the environment. Since this discovery of cytoplasmic inheritance the homeopathic theories of genetic transmission of miasmic damage can no longer be considered as unscientific nonsense. (de Ruyter 1994, pp. 65-66)

People may wonder if homeopathic treatment in the first three months of pregnancy might not cause abnormalities in the developing fetus. Homeopathy has been used for almost 200 years, including during pregnancy for the various complaints that pregnant woman develop, and nobody has ever proved that it has done any harm. Orthodox medicine has maintained for almost 200 years that homeopathic remedies are so diluted that they cannot possibly have any effects. So how could they possibly do harm in early pregnancy? If one really wanted to worry about possible harmful effects of remedies in early pregnancy then there would be more reason to worry about the effects on the developing fetus of such common over the counter medicines as aspirin, paracetamol, and cough mixtures, or the effects of a host of food colors and additives or inhaled insecticides which are present in the environment in concentrations much higher than those of homeopathic remedies. (de Ruyter 1994, p. 68)

To make absolutely sure that there cannot be any accusations later on that homeopathic treatment in early pregnancy might have caused fetal deformity, one should wait until after the third month of pregnancy before starting Vannier’s prenatal homeopathy.


Dr. Lйon Vannier started in medical practice before World War I. He founded the Centre Homeopathique de France in 1931 and was its President for many years. In 1950 he founded the Maison de L’Homeopathie as a meeting place for French and foreign homeopaths and as a teaching centre. (Homeopathie Francaise 1954, pp. 453 and 460) In 1955 Dr. Vannier celebrated having practiced medicine for 50 years. He died in 1961 at the age of 84.

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