Launch of the Get Moving Campaign

Part of the Australian Government’s Building a Healthy, Active Australia initiative announced in 2004, and to follow on from the national Go for 2&5 fruit and vegetable campaign launched in April 2005, the national ‘Get Moving’ campaign is being launched today.

The purpose of this campaign is to encourage children and young people to participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. The ‘Get Moving’ campaign emphasises the messages in the Australian Government’s Physical Activity Recommendations and aims to improve healthy living among children and young people by encouraging them to increase the amount of physical activity they do. The recommendations suggest they spend no more than two hours per day using electronic media for entertainment, particularly during daylight hours. The campaign also aims to motivate parents and carers to get more active themselves and to be a positive role model for their children.

The ‘Get Moving’ campaign includes a television commercial targeting children, radio advertisements targeting young people and magazine advertisements targeting children and parents/carers.

The campaign will extend the impact of other programs under the Building a Healthy Active Australia initiative and strengthen the overall efforts to combat childhood obesity.

The Department of Health and Ageing encourages you to support the ‘get moving’ message, encouraging more physical activity by Australians, particularly children, teenagers and parents. You may wish to support the campaign by making the messages in the physical activity guidelines a prominent part of your core media messages, or place content in your newsletters or other communications.