Postnasal Drip

Postnasal drip is mucus that has dripped from the nose into the back of the throat. Besides being uncomfortable, postnasal drip can cause a sore throat, hoarseness or a cough.

Over-the-counter decongestants and antihistamines may provide temporary relief, but they also may cause dryness. You can treat a dry nose with a saline nasal spray, also available over the counter. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day and avoiding caffeine will help to alleviate the problem by keeping the body well hydrated.

Because over-the-counter medications may affect some pre-existing medical conditions or interfere with other medications you are taking, contact your family doctor before taking any over-the-counter decongestants or antihistamines.

If home treatment does not clear up the problem, or if you experience postnasal drip frequently, discuss treatment options with your doctor