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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 5


The drug picture of Marmorek was first described in French by Vannier in 1947 (Vannier 1947, pp. 317-325). The late Dr. O.A. Julian gave a drug picture of Marmorek in his book Treatise on Dynamised Micro Immunotherapy which appeared in English translation in 1980 (Julian 1988, pp. 314-319). My book Computer Homeopathy also contains an English description of the drug picture of Marmorek. (de Ruyter 1994, pp. 203-205)

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Estrogen Use and The Risk of Breast Cancer

Evidence about the relationship of hormone replenishment therapy to breast cancer risk is often conflicting. And deciding to begin hormone replenishment therapy can be difficult because of the ongoing controversies and differences in opinions regarding the benefits versus the potential risks.

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Epilepsy: The Process of Diagnosis and Treatment. Part 1

Being diagnosed with a disease or disorder can be a very stressful life-altering experience. Being diagnosed with a seizure disorder – epilepsy — brings with it many questions and concerns. Understanding the process can help a patient understand and better cope with what is happening to them. Following is a simple guide to the process to help better explain what epilepsy is and how it is treated.

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