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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 5


The drug picture of Marmorek was first described in French by Vannier in 1947 (Vannier 1947, pp. 317-325). The late Dr. O.A. Julian gave a drug picture of Marmorek in his book Treatise on Dynamised Micro Immunotherapy which appeared in English translation in 1980 (Julian 1988, pp. 314-319). My book Computer Homeopathy also contains an English description of the drug picture of Marmorek. (de Ruyter 1994, pp. 203-205)

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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 4

In sub-acute cases or in children or young people perhaps two or three courses of monthly treatment may be necessary after which the patient is clinically well.

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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 3

To obtain this, we set the total number of percentages covered by all nosodes, in the above case 106%, as 100% and then express all the other percentages as a percentage of this total.

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Promoting Open Communication During an Interview Part 6

Respect for the client’s desire or need for privacy. Close the office door, or leave it open if the client is anxious in a closed space.

Devote the entire consultation time with full attention to the client. Limit interruptions during the consultation, acknowledging and accepting everything the client says, no matter how unusual, surprising, or morally, ethically, mentally or logically contrary to your own belief. Appreciate the fact that this client, a stranger, entrusts you with private information, and validate every feeling, every story, and every symptom any client may tell you.

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Promoting Open Communication During an Interview Part 1

How can a male prescriber can alter his communication efforts when dealing with a female patient versus dealing with a male patient? This was the subject proposed to me. After reviewing and recalling the general character of consultations in my office, it seems to me that the issue is not so much one of gender, but rather of how we communicate in general, and in homeopathic practice specifically, that determines the efficiency of our homeopathic consultations.

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