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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 1

According To Vannier

Homeopaths have known for over 150 years that in classical one-remedy homeopathy, a dose of a homeopathic remedy may sometimes cause an aggravation of the patient’s symptoms. From 1911 onwards the late Dr. Leon Vannier of Paris, France, developed a method which he called ‘drainage’ treatment, designed to avoid remedy aggravations (Vannier 1912). Dr. Vannier defined ‘drainage’ as follows:

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How Classical is Classical Homeopathy? Part 2

As with every field of knowledge and research, there are areas on the perimeter, which straddle the boundary between classical homeopathy and adjacent fields. Drainage therapy is one of them. Under this name we often refer to the particular kind of homeopathy prevalent in France but also found in other places, whose central figure at the beginning of this century was Leon Vannier.

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How Classical is Classical Homeopathy? Part 1

The summer issue has arrived just in time to add some more heat to an already hot topic in homeopathy: the question of how classical is classical homeopathy? In countless discussions I have been part of, in the real world and in cyberspace, this topic has been ardently argued over.

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