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Traumatic Knee Injury, Part 2

Damage to the meniscus can be caused by sudden rotations of the knee joint while the foot remains stationary. Pain occurs when attempting to straighten the knee. Swelling and inflammation can ensue, which may be worsened if the joint was previously damaged and not allowed to heal properly.

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Traumatic Knee Injury, Part 1

A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine indicates that by age 65, traumatic injury to the hip or knee joint sustained during childhood resulted in a higher incidence of osteoarthritis (about 14 percent) when compared to children who did not suffer hip or knee injury (six percent).

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Excessive Use of Pain Relievers

Q.I am 16, and I play soccer very seriously. Last season I hurt my knee and unfortunately continued to play for two months. After that I could not play soccer for 11 months. Now my knee hurts a lot when I run or play soccer. Doctors explain that after such a complicated injury this is normal.

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