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Faces of Breast Cancer: Vincene Parrinello

When Vincene Parrinello looked in the mirror, her reflection shocked and frightened her.

Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, she had had a double mastectomy and was in the midst of nine months of chemotherapy treatments. But the treatments prescribed to kill the cancer were taking such a serious toll on her body that she said she began to look like she was fighting a losing battle.

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Excessive Use of Pain Relievers

Q.I am 16, and I play soccer very seriously. Last season I hurt my knee and unfortunately continued to play for two months. After that I could not play soccer for 11 months. Now my knee hurts a lot when I run or play soccer. Doctors explain that after such a complicated injury this is normal.

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Epilepsy: The Process of Diagnosis and Treatment. Part 2

How Is it Treated?

There are many different treatments for epilepsy including medications, diet and surgery. Doctors will normally try drug therapy first to see if the seizures can become controlled. The doctor will select a medication or combine more than one medication that target the specific type or types of seizure the patient is experiencing.

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