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Quadriceps Stretches

Prone One Leg Quadricep Stretches: Lay belly down (prone) on a pad on the ground. Grasp the left foot at the instep or front of the toes with the hand of the same side. Put the knee of the left leg next to the knee of the right leg. Pull on the foot to bend the left knee. Maintain this position for 20 seconds, then switch legs and repeat. Do each leg at least twice.

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T’ai Chi — A New Approach to Water Fitness

Studies abound documenting the health benefits of t’ai chi chuan; it can lead to improvements in strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and posture. According to the National Institute on Aging, the practice of t’ai chi may reduce older adults’ risk of falling and breaking bones, and The Arthritic Foundation states that t’ai chi may be the ideal exercise for arthritis sufferers.

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