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Homeopathic Drainage Treatment. Part 1

According To Vannier

Homeopaths have known for over 150 years that in classical one-remedy homeopathy, a dose of a homeopathic remedy may sometimes cause an aggravation of the patient’s symptoms. From 1911 onwards the late Dr. Leon Vannier of Paris, France, developed a method which he called ‘drainage’ treatment, designed to avoid remedy aggravations (Vannier 1912). Dr. Vannier defined ‘drainage’ as follows:

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Promoting Open Communication During an Interview Part 4

I start an attempt to explain that in natural health and homeopathy we rather not put anything on externally, and so forth. He doesn’t quite express any interest in what I am saying, he sits there, facing sideways away from me, and seems to wish just to ignore me.

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Promoting Open Communication During an Interview Part 1

How can a male prescriber can alter his communication efforts when dealing with a female patient versus dealing with a male patient? This was the subject proposed to me. After reviewing and recalling the general character of consultations in my office, it seems to me that the issue is not so much one of gender, but rather of how we communicate in general, and in homeopathic practice specifically, that determines the efficiency of our homeopathic consultations.

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Family-Environment Risk Factors for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

There is no doubt that ADHD runs in families, but whether this is due to genetic factors or the family environment is a moot point. There is probably an element of both. Studies of adopted and segregated twins and other siblings have indicated that genes do play a role, but it has also been noted that many cases of ADHD involve children who come from families that are disadvantaged or in which other family members have some psychopathologic disorder. Such an environment may also have a negative effect. That is what these researchers set out to discover.

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