Unique Classes Offer Something for Everyone

The 92nd St. Y May Center for Health, Fitness and Sport in New York, N.Y., offers unique classes and programs to serve its members and community. One such program is its Intro To series, which offers a variety of classes at the beginning level. Classes include Pilates, krav maga, tai chi, qigong, yoga and Fitness Made Easy. Says Mirabai Holland, the Y’s director of health and fitness, “…if you are looking for a nurturing, low-key gym where you can progress at your own pace, the Y is the place for you.”

Teen classes are also a unique option at the 92nd St. Y. These classes are exclusively for exercisers ages 12 to 17, and include energetic instructors and “trendy” classes. Currently, classes include yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, cardio kickboxing, group cycling and aerobics.

The emphasis on the program is not burning calories or being the best, but rather, learning new skills within a supportive peer group. In a truly progressive step, the Y also constructed a new Teen Locker Room to accompany the program.

Classes for young children are also a part of the 92nd St. Y’s program. All Winners is a children’s exercise program that emphasizes fun.

“If kids feel that they are playing games, exercise becomes habit at an early age,” explains Holland. Classes include Magic Gym (for ages three to five)

Big Top 92 (for ages six to 10) and Total Jam (for ages eight to 11).